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Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 06:38am
Welcome to my personal blog & portfolio!

Seeking Employment

~Kyle Teeples

a.k.a Larson Dawace
a.k.a VJ Larson

Current Age 28

Location Metro Detroit, Michigan

Associated Companies

CEO / Developer
2011 - Present
Sick Pins
CEO / Artist / Creator
Strange Luv Productions
Lead Promoter
2008 - Present
VJ Larson
Visual Artist
Kyle's Profile
Kyles Profile

Known Languages

  • English
  • Computer/Robot


  • 3D Printing
  • Visual Arts
  • Skateboarding


  • Music
  • Technology
  • Sacred Geometry

Life Outlook

Life Goals

1. Get married to my amazing other half, Kourtney.

2. Travel the world as an Audio Visual Artist.

3. Have children.

4. Start a open community guide to growing self sustainable & off utility based economics, my initiative is called The Green Out Guide,

5. Travel to Space, I believe cosmic colonization is the only hope for humanities survival, the thought and knowledge is intriguing to say the least.

6. Meet Anthony Kiedis, long time childhood idle, I'd love to see a smile on his face & invite him to a party in Detroit with Luv :)

7. Meet Linus Torvald and get to know a little of his view growing & creating in the world.

8. Travel with my entire family for one peaceful moment of unity at some memorable touching location overseas.

9. Invent that one thing I can't disclose here...

10. Make a monumental positive change in the world.

Career Outlook

I find great passion in creating, developing, and designing software & hardware. I believe anything is possible if the mind can fathom it. I tend to think I'll be forever pursuing my vast interest in developing and understanding technology, methodology, sociology, and creative arts.

I hope to become a strong independent CEO with great affiliates furthering our possibilities of business and life together.


About Myself

Born and raised in Michigan, from the north to the south. I was born in Pontiac Michigan December 15th, 1988. Moved up north after my parents separated &my father went to the navy. I grew up in St. Helen, around Roscommon, and West Branch until I was 13. Going into middle school I wanted something more out of my surroundings then what was offered in the farm town &really not getting the time I'd have liked with my dad, I decided to move in with my father. I went to Mason Middle School, where me and my friends were little rebels. Notorious for trouble, my friends and I were wild as we could be. Punks, drop outs, burnouts, outcasts, this was my group of friends growing up, all smarter then they knew, I felt a strong connection to them. Then 10th grade came along, I was maintaining a minimum grade but still going to Mott, not for the lack of being able to do the work, but at this age I was already developing software, games, designing in photoshop &building websites. Literally all of my close friends dropped out, were having kids, or going to alternative school I sat in front of my school like normal during the first day morning, and no one showed up. It was then, I realized, that wasn't for me, despite caring for these individuals, and wishing to be with them, I didn't want to throw my education away. This is when I started focusing more on my coding, developing, and made my way into the LAN gaming community. Well known in my school as the Tech Messiah, I'd literally be called out of class by lead administrators to fix printer problems. I've had weird moments where the class would call me over to fix something and the moment I touch it everything would work fine, made no sense at all! Walking across during my graduation, emotions were pretty high, one of the administrators tearing up looked to me and said "So who will fix my printer now?" I'll miss you Mrs.Schoonover, thank you. During my high school, I designed 2 year books, including inDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, from front to back I helped ensure deadlines, layout structure, and art was completed. Both themes were created at yearbook camp, both of my suggestions. My junior year book was based after the song "Are You Ready" by Korn, the second year was named "Waves of Change" which I adapted from my MMORPG I developed, "Worlds of Change". It mean't a lot to me that I got to take part in two amazing books, on top of that I also designed a Waterford Mott High School Yearbook CD 2006-2007, which included tons of pictures that were not included in the book. This CD I made was actually a visual basic 6 program that I developed that encrypted the picture files, prevent print screen copying, and other features. I even got to do a full page on our gaming group Elite Lan Gamers in my junior yearbook! On yearbook, I was one of the lead administrators my senior year and had two hours of yearbook, the collective class, and the management class. I also took a commercial art class, where my teacher fell in love with my work. I was learning photoshop in middle school to keep up with my graphics for my video games, this was still new software to our district & I was one of the few to thoroughly understood Adobe Photoshop. For the next 4 years she made sure I was in her class as either an instructor or an assistant, I taught 4 years of commercial art & photoshop. I also learned my way around Corel Draw and learned the structure of proper design, including page layout, image placement, and balancing white space. She pushed me towards College of Creative Studies but I just didn't have the direction or means to achieve this, so I continued on my determined path. After high school, I left my leader job at the movie theater to pursue my IT career. I went on craigslist to see if I could find a job, found a company called WireOx, went in for my interview in Ferndale, and nailed my first real tech job, the start of the 9-5 Monday-Friday. Joining Direct Paper Supply Starting Studiowares Starting The Band Starting Wompasorus Racket & Strange Luv Productions Learning 3d Printing & X/Y Plotting Systems Starting SickPins and VapeLazy

Information Technology Background

I began working on computers at age 8, fascinated from birth with electronics, I came across my first Packer Bell PC that I could use. My early years began with the fascination of the internet, dialing in to dial up to the local Kirkland Community College, I had access to a whole new world. From an early age I love fantasy role playing games, I found an online game called Dusk, known as one of the first Graphical Multiuser Dungeons. Literally right past the telnet stage and into the next level way before its years! Made to be a complete web based game, it used java to create a popup, with in game scripting, mapping, and world creation, it was better then games that are still around today, even with the frame by frame movement. This game set me on my journey to become a programmer, developer, producer. I wanted to help in any way I could, a farm boy off in the middle of no where with nothing but time to idolize this creation, I mingled with the community and gradually earned my ranking and ability to help create the world. Fast forward some time, I learn graphics design on my own, web development, dabble in Java and Javascript, I start to grasp the core concepts behind object oriented programming and much more. Moving forward I learned about a development program out of the Netherlands called Game Maker. This gave a user interface and focused the developer on how to create a video game while still giving the possibilities to code with their own adaptation of Delphi called GML (Game Make Language). With tons of support, the company grew and was eventually bought out be YoYo Games, and continues to be used today! Knowing I had to expand my knowledge, I started taking courses in high school to learn computing but to be honest, was so dated that it didn't really help. Most my knowledge was self taught or discovered by experience. I started taking up VB6, working someone with C sharp, and a heavy presence in PHP, SQL, JavaScript &HTML. After realizing the importance of web development, I started to shift my focus on developing towards web based front ends &PHP back end development. Starting the company Studiowares, I've aimed at creating quality products, with intuitive design &creative expression. A one many company, I've focused towards creating order management &tracking systems, customer relationship management software, customizable web app developer, event community directory services, creative social chat systems, and so much more! I've prototyped credit card processing applications, including the hardware for a payment pad system. This system including keeping track of receipts, pushing promotional deals, and managing multiple payment gateways all at one time. Many different high end profile operations that I've assembled, built, and designed myself. Check out for more information!

In my current state, I manage IT operations for a company I've known for years, I host events along side Strange Luv Productions, I'm a traveling visual performer, and I'm operating a manufacturing company for promotional art. I'm looking to expand my work and offer better performances & products! I love my life and all of you involved, your support really means the world to me. If you ever need my assistance in a way that I can help, please feel free to contact me and let me know whats up, I love helping others further themselves!

Visual Performance History / Stories

story of first time & had to do visuals, kalamazoo barn party Wicked Detroit deadworld 8

First Club Experience

First club I ever went to was City Club at the Leland, the building was enthralling & the industrial scene was pretty much my weekends from 19 to my early 20s. A group of friends would get together, we'd drink heavily underage in the parking lot, then stumble our way into the club as minors. Dark, dingy, sometimes eery but always a good time. Friday nights would be pretty dead, lots of room to move around and dance on the floor. Saturday nights would be packed, this was the night we would take people out to truly experience City Club. A lot of wild memories, from bringing people out for their first time to your friend getting their car broken into for parking behind the building outside the lot. Never dull, most nights was DJ Void6 from what I remember & I enjoyed the fact he posted his sets on the website forums. I learned about a bunch of new artists this way from Wolfsheim, Icon of Coil, and many other foreign bands I've never heard of. What was also a mind blowing moment, was a few years later going to a house party with a friend, and seeing DJ Void 6 there and being like wait a minute... weren't you the resident DJ at City Club??? Small world, never thought shortly after I'd be hosting events similar myself. The first time I ever showed up to The Works, it was for an 80's night, a friend asked if we were doing anything and if we would like to go, it was Sunday, bored, looking for something to do. We show up, literally no one there, only staff. They had 80's movies projecting on the wall, pool tables & a bar. I remember Wilhelm K & hanging out laughing with the crew for the night. Crazy to think, years later I'd be back hosting events at THAT venue!!! Wow, full circle <3

Event Hosting History

Strange Luv Productions

I'm also lead promoter and one of the founding members of Strange Luv Productions. We have hosted events as one of the top underground rave companies in Detroit for about 6 years! Our New Years Eve show has made the Detroit Free Press for the last 3 years straight as one of the top 5 things to do on New Years Eve. Together, we have built an amazing loving community of like minded individuals of all walks of life & culture. I've always been the one to enjoy house parties, after we hosted events I'd usually bring a bunch of people back to my house & continue the party. The craziest of all these parties was actually after an event we were helping with called Wonka 2. Hosted at an old teeny bopper club in XXX, I knew the after party was going to be big, especially since it ended at 2. I left shortly before close to ensure I was home to prepare my house for at the time, I wasn't sure what. Before I knew it people were flooding my block, cars parked all the way down my street, thee whole next block past the stop sign, the street next to mine, church parking lot nearby, literally everywhere was flooded with cars. 200+ people out of no where!!! I had the biggest companies in the Detroit party scene in my house! Shoulder to shoulder from the porch, to the living room, the kitchen, the basement, the backyard it was truly crazy. I sat on my porch for a brief moment that night, had one cop drive by shine his light and drove off, guess it just wasn't worth it? Plus luckily this time no one was parked on the wrong side of the street so there really wasn't much to complain about... except my slamming PA system in the basement and loads of people xD. All in all that was a very important turning point in my life, I met so many wonderful people, learned so much about personalities & was happy with my life. At one point, literally every weekend was started Thursday night and ended Sunday morning. Over the years, Broley, Dr.Strange, and myself have showed up in support of many events, house parties, special gatherings, always caring love where we go & spreading our understanding of communities, socializing, and responsibility in the culture. We care about everyone that comes out to our shows, we want to see you at the next show, and the next, we love to see people doing positive things with their life and sharing that with others. All in all, thats in my opinion what Strange Luv is about, controlling our embodiment of love, and sharing it with everyone. I'm truly struck and blessed I've gotten to met so many people, experience the time I have, and receive the love I did, sincerely thank all of you.

During my sophomore year in high school, I met a group of friends that were also LAN gaming enthusiasts. I still remember my first LAN party, I was invited by my friend Ian who was a member of this group Elite Lan Gamers. At the time I did not have a gaming rig at all, instead I had a HP Pavilion desktop, with on board graphics. Yes, I was really kicking but between every 3rd frame or so xD. I loved the experience, it mean't a lot to me, even tho I couldn't game for long periods of time without motion sickness, the environment of friends gathering was amazing. From here out, I was myself a member of Elite Lan Gamers, Lieutenant Larson, master with a springfield rifle in Call of Duty. We primarily focused around Call of Duty, ran our own Teamspeak, Ventrilo, gaming servers, and websites. We gamed frequently, my girlfriend in high school once staged a fight to ensure I didn't figure out about a surprise LAN Party for my birthday, I was a butthead & wanted to know what was going on so secretively, but in the end it was a heart felt amazing moment. All friends showed up, we PC & console gamed all night, everyone signed a giant card for me & I couldn't have been more blessed. After a few years, our lives drifted & we disbanded our clan, but I still had passion in this so I started This was a LAN party group I put together to host events from the ages of 17-20. During my years as a LAN party host I've hosted contests, rented out hotel conference rooms, obtain business space, and hosted events in my own house. While hosting events at the Hampton Inn of Auburn Hills Michigan, I obtained a few different sponsors for my event including Bawls Energy Drinks who sent us 2 cases, bouncy balls & bags, nvidia who sent us shirts, posters, stickers & promotional material, and a few other promotional sponsors. After a long career in gaming, I phased out of it to pursue other interests in event hosting, programming, business & manufacturing. The amazing memories still live on, check out my eLAN Gaming portfolio page for pictures!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, or if you did not I understand TLDR, I still love you!

Much Love & Best Regards,

Kyle Teeples <c>3

Visual Artist VJ Larson