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Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 06:39am
Welcome to my personal blog & portfolio!

Seeking Employment

~Kyle Teeples

a.k.a Larson Dawace
a.k.a VJ Larson

Current Age 28

Location Metro Detroit, Michigan

Associated Companies

CEO / Developer
2011 - Present
Sick Pins
CEO / Artist / Creator
Strange Luv Productions
Lead Promoter
2008 - Present
VJ Larson
Visual Artist

Welcome Supporter!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I love to engage with others and further advance our mutual beauty in creating this world. Although I find myself to be at times an intellectual, I've yet to aquire access to the resources I would like available to make some of these kind of things happen. This is where I ask for assistance, any donation may it be monetary, resources, time or even a hand would be more then I ever could imagine. I'm extremely grateful for your support!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart it really does mean alot

Kyle Teeples a.k.a Larson

Current Goals

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  • DIY Hemp Concrete 3D Printer$1,000 / $0

    I would like to make a do-it-yourself hemp concrete scalable 3D Printer

  • Guide to Avoid Crude Products / $0

    Guide to Avoiding Crude Products, mobile app, web app and more

  • Flint PETG 3D Printer Initiative / $0

    Guide and focused demonstrations on how 3D printing could be useful in the house to help Flint's growing plastic bottle pollution problem. PETG 3D Printer Initiative

  • Create a new Maker Space Community / $0

    Work together to have our own workshop with tools that we bring together. Lets make a new Maker Space Community!

  • Help with Visual Arts Gear / $0

    I can't afford much on my own at the moment and would greatly appreciate any help in making this dream come true. If you have equipment to donate, a few bucks anything I could put towards new visual art pieces, interactive work, and much more. Thanks again it really does mean a lot!

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Other Donations

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