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Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 06:35am
Welcome to my personal blog & portfolio!

Seeking Employment

~Kyle Teeples

a.k.a Larson Dawace
a.k.a VJ Larson

Current Age 28

Location Metro Detroit, Michigan

Associated Companies

CEO / Developer
2011 - Present
Sick Pins
CEO / Artist / Creator
Strange Luv Productions
Lead Promoter
2008 - Present
VJ Larson
Visual Artist
Blog Articles

More Coming Soon!

Welcome to! and let me first say thank you for your interest in my site! I'm a young and rising producer, creating and learning almost everyday! Thank you for your patience as I write these blogs in muse moments, as I cannot say I have free time lol. These are a few topics that I plan to blog about.

- 3D Printing such as getting the most out of a printer, new / upgrading hardware, software, and other topics.
- Programming such as example projects, coding technics, and developing habits.
- Design such as basic design, patterns, growing structures and scalable frameworks.
- Hobby CNC such as The CNC/CAM jump, personal CAD/CAM Software recommendations, and more!

Again, Thank you! and Best Regards,

Kyle Teeples

  • Posted: August 4, 2015, 1:33 pm
  • By Kyle Teeples